• 16-channel design for detailed, high-resolution images of the brain
  • SNR increases up to 30% over competitive 8-channel brain coils
  • Parallel imaging capabilities with acceleration in all three planes
  • Removable upper coil part
  • Open-face head coil design for reduced claustrophobia
  • Detachable mirror assembly
  • Functional imaging of the brain

Head Coil Dimension & Weight

  • Inner Dimensions – 26.6cm
  • Coil Size – 31.5cm x 31.75cm
  • Coil Base – 41cm W x 48cm L
  • Weight – 5.9kg with base

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Achieve optimal images of the head, neck, and the brain with the 16-channel MRI head coil from MR Instruments. This patient-friendly, open-face design MRI coil ensures some of the highest levels of signal-to-noise ratio for a 16-channel head coil, helping radiologists acquire detailed images of the brain while reducing patient discomfort and claustrophobia.

As a 16-channel device, this MRI head coil offers a 30 percent increase in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) compared to competitive 8-channel brain coils and combination head and neck coils. Multichannel coil technology also serves to speed up the scanning times while also enabling parallel imaging in all three planes, both of which serve to increase patient throughput and improving image quality and detail.


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