Canon Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound Machine


Canon Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound Machine Options:

• CW Kit
• ECG, PCG, and Pulse sensor
• Mounting Kit for Peripheral Unit
• Footswitch
• Gel Warmer
• M-TEE Hanger Kit
• 4D Unit
• Battery Kit
• HV Power Kit
• Mounting Kit for Fusion Unit
• Sensor Kit for Fusion Unit
• Fusion Pole Cart
• Mounting Kit for Fusion Sensor
• Smart Navigation Sensor Kit
• CV Kit
• Wireless LAN Kit
• Stress Echo Kit
• 2D Wall Motion Tracking Kit
• CHI Kit
• CHI-Q KitFitting Curve Kit
• Parametric MFI Kit
• 4D STIC Imaging Kit
• Luminace Kit
• Fly Thru. Kit
• Protocol Assistant Kit
• Smart Fusion Kit
• Smart Navigation Kit
• Superb Micro Vascular Imaging Kit
• MicroPureTM Kit
• Ealstography-FLR Kit
• FLR Kit
• Shear wave Kit
• Panoramic View Kit
• Vascular Index Kit
• FLEX-M Kit
• Auto NT Kit
• 1.5D Transducer Kit
• Realtime ASQ Kit
• Security Management Kit
• Local Language Key-Top Kit

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The Canon Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound Machine was the top model in Canon’s flagship Aplio Platinum series. Thanks to the launch of new Aplio i series in 2016, the Canon Aplio 500 was dethroned as Canon’s premium flagship system. Although the Aplio 500 is not at the top anymore, it is still a great system. The Canon Aplio 500 is designed to support a full range of applications and can be used as a general-purpose system or a specialized system, depending on the installed software. The Canon Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound Machine with Canon’s well-known extensive selection of transducers supports a wide range of clinical applications including fetal, abdominal, intra-operative (abdominal), pediatric, small organs, trans-vaginal, trans-rectal, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, cardiac (both adult and pediatric), peripheral vascular, transesophageal, and musculo-skeletal (both conventional and superficial).

TheCanon Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound Machine is the most feature rich system among the Aplio Platinum series. The standard package of the Canon Aplio 500 includes: 19-inch LCD monitor, DVD/CD drive, Precision imaging, Tissue Enhancement, Differential-THI, ApliPure+, Speckle Reduction, Tissue Specific Optimization, Trapezoid Scan, Quick Scan, TDI, QSP, HPRF, Advanced Dynamic FlowTM(ADF), Smart 3D, and DICOM Media Storage.


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