Eighteeth Medical Nanopix RVG Sensor – Size 1

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  • World’s thinnest and most economical intraoral X-ray sensor
  • Available with and without tablet
  • 1 / 10 Cost per patient compares to film
  • 3s To complete whole imaging process
  • 50000+ Exposure with no quality loss
  • Superb quality & Superior quality!
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

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Detector Technology APS CMOS
Scintillator CsI
Pixel Matrix 1000×1500
Theoretical Resolution 25lp/mm
True Resolution 20lp/mm
Active Area (mm) 20×30
Mechanical Size(mm) 25.4×36.8×4.4
AD Conversion(bit) 16
Data Interface USB 2.0
Protection IP68

Package Contents: 1 x 1 RVG Medical – Nanopix RVG

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A dental X-ray RVG (Radiovisiography) sensor is a type of digital dental X-ray imaging system that allows dentists to capture high-quality radiographic images of a patient’s teeth and surrounding structures.

RVG sensors are typically small, flat, and flexible, with a thin cable that connects to a computer or digital X-ray system. They are inserted into the patient’s mouth and placed against the teeth to capture the X-ray image.

Compared to traditional film X-rays, RVG sensors offer several advantages, including faster image processing time, reduced radiation exposure for the patient, and the ability to enhance or manipulate images on a computer screen for improved diagnostic accuracy.


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  1. Dr Berbat

    I am impressed with quality and product packaging delivery
    All perfect Thank you so much Optima

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