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Due to our enormous understanding and massive knowledge of this business, we are involved in offering all the models of Refurbished GE 1.5T MRI Machine

– Accurate result
– Easy to operate

The Discovery MR450 1.5T machine by GE has some of the most advanced capabilities of any 1.5T system on the market.

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The GE Discovery MR450 1.5T MRI machine provides the most advanced capabilities available in MR imaging. Equipped with a proven, short bore, superconducting magnet, the GE Discovery MR450 1.5T MRI features 64 element architecture than can accommodate patients up to 500 pounds. Providing accelerated parallel imaging and high homogeneity, each used GE Discovery MR450 1.5T MRI offers both single acquisition and multi-slice imaging with exceptional fat and water separation.

Built for high productivity, the GE Discovery MR450 1.5T MRI machine will enable you to conduct in-room patient set-up in as little as 30  seconds and start scanning in just a few simple steps.


  • True real-time cardiac imaging
  • Industry-leading gradient performance
  • Full 3D kernel for more accurate reconstruction
  • High-resolution 16-channel head, neck and spine images
  • VIBRANT for bilateral breast imaging in a single exam
  • 500lb weight limit

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