Manufacturer: GE medical imaging
Model: GE LightSpeed
Condition: used
Category: Medical Imaging in Ukraine
Subcategory: Ct scanners


GE Lightspeed QX-I Quad CT
April 2000 Ge Lightspeed QX-I 4-Multislice Ct Scanner.
Performex 6.3 Tube with 94,000 Slices, Software Version 604.5a-6.8a Version 6.1.
Smart prep. Smart MA, Smartview. 8sec option, 48kw power option.
Flouro has cardiac gating monitor
Available for de-installation July
Includes Installation in a room prepared buy the buyer, two days application training, shipping & 6 month’s warranty parts and labor.

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The used GE Lightspeed QX/i Quad CT scanner is a 4-slice whole body multi-slice machine capable of routine 0.8 second full-360° rotation scans. The refurbished GE Lightspeed QX/I Advantage CT scanner allows for many exams to be performed in a single breath hold, and can reconstruct multiple slice thickness from just one data acquisition. Your practice will benefit from the ability to routinely take thin slices without compromise in IQ, coverage or throughput.

PrizMed Imaging GE Lightspeed QX/i CT Scanner Review

The Lightspeed QX/i Quad replaces the GE Lightspeed and is the predecessor to the Lightspeed Plus 4-slice. There are not a tremendous amount of differences between the two units, as you’ll see in the specifications below. Generally, the price and availability can dictate which of these is the right refurbished CT scanner for you.

The Lightspeed Plus features faster scan speeds than the QX/i, with 0.5 scan time availability. Beyond that and a new gantry, the two models specifications are very similar.

  • Volume acquisitions at up to 7½ images per second
  • 70cm Aperture
  • Maximum 50cm field of view (FOV)


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