GE Logiq e BT11 Ultrasound Machine


The GE Logiq-e BT 11 is mid to economy portable ultrasound system designed for abdominal, cardiac, gynecology, intraoperative, musculoskeletal, obstetrical, nerve block, pediatric , neonatal, small parts, superficial, urology, and vascular. The BT11 is introduced after BT09 via adding Auto IMT, Esmart trainer software, Stress Echo, pediatric echo with 6S-RS, and TEE option with 6Tc-RS. The Logiq e BT11 shares the similar system architecture with the BT12. However, the Logiq e BT11 keeps the original Logiq e case design and LCD monitor, but the Logiq e BT12 has incorporated the case design and LCD monitor.

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GE Logiq e BT11 Ultrasound Machine Features:

• Laptop Style
• Integrated HDD (160 GB)

– U7500 Core 2 Duo 1.06 G

• Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (standard)

– One hour scan time (mode dependent)

• Wired, wireless LAN Support

– For DICOM communication

– For Network Storage (Image store to PC without DICOM system)

• 1 probe port with micro-connector
• Rear handle
• High Resolution 15-inch Color LCD
• Over 1,000 frames or over 60 seconds CINE Memory (64 MB) depend on FOV, Scanning Lines etc.
• 160 GB Hard Drive
• External DVD R/W storage
• Loop storage—from live scanning and from memory
• Automatic Optimization

– Auto Tissue Optimization: ATO

– Auto Color Flow Optimization: ACO

– Auto Spectrum Optimization: ASO

– Auto Clarity Suite (Auto Focus and Auto Frequency)

• ACE* (Adaptive Color Enhancement)
• Raw Data Processing
• Patient Information Database
• Image Archive 97.5 GB on Hard Drive
• Full M&A Calculation Package with Real Time Auto Doppler Calculations
• Vascular Calcs
• Cardiac Calcs
• OB Calcs and Tables
• Fetal Trending
• Multi Gestational Calcs
• Musculoskeletal and Hip Dysplasia Calcs
• Gynecological Calcs
• Urological Calcs
• Renal Calcs
• Report Package


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