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The GE Signa Profile 0.2T Open MRI scanner is a very affordable option if you need a full range of clinical imaging applications, a very patient-friendly design, and great image quality, but don’t have the budget to afford a newer MRI scanner.


  • Surface coil :Integrated transmit body coil, body flex sizes: M, L, XL, quadrature, head coil quadrature, 4 channel neurovascular array, 8 channel CTL array, quad. C-spine, 2 channel shoulder array, extremity coil, 3 channel wrist array, 4 channel breast array, 6, 9, 11 inch general purpose loop coils
  • Spectroscopy:No
  • Synchronization:Standard cardiac gating, ECG/peripheral, respiratory gating
  • Imaging Mode:Localizer, single slice, multislice, volume, fast, POMP, multi slab, cine, slice and frequency zip, extended dynamic range, tailored RF

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The GE Signa Profile MRI scanner is one of the most patient-friendly MRI systems on the market, featuring a spacious design, intercom, call button, mirrored head coil and optional patient comfort module which enables additional ventilation and lighting, all designed to lessen patient anxiety. The GE Signa Profile MRI scanner is also a highly flexible, fast gradient system to enable the addition of advanced techniques and applications to your routine practice.

GE MRI equipment has the largest user base in the world and is considered the preferred choice of diagnosticians for advanced problem-solving tools to assist in disease detection and diagnosis. Our wide selection of used GE MRI systems is listed below.


  • Accomodates large or claustrophobic patients with a wide open bore
  • Strong and fast gradient system at 15mt/m & SR30, providing fast scans, thin slices, and small FOV
  • High speed image acquisition


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