Signa Vibrant 1.5T MRI scanner is a special device, which helps to diagnose inflammations, tumors and traumas of vessels and bones. Unlike CT scanners, these devices do not irradiate patients.

Major advantages of MRI scanners

Speaking about the important advantages of Signa Vibrant 1.5T MRI scanner, we have to pay our attention to the following functionalities:

  • ease of use;
  • versatility;
  • reliability;
  • possibility of accurate diagnostics without surgical interventions;
  • reliable diagnostic technique, (the most often used to diagnose diseases of the brain and spinal cord);
  • the diagnostics is performed without contrast agent;
  • no exposure to radiation;
  • fast and clear result;
  • little probability of mistake;
  • diagnostics can be performed at any gestational age;

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The GE Signa Vibrant 1.5T MRI system is a dedicated breast MR scanner that provides exceptionally high quality images at high speed. Featuring Brease technology developed specifically for breast scans, the GE Signa Vibrant 1.5T MRI machine produces four images in a single scan: fat only, water only, in-phase and out-of-phase. With its combination of easy-to-use applications and patient comfort features, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a refurbished GE Signa Vibrant 1.5T MRI system.


  • IDEAL technology for superior fat suppression
  • CADstream application automatically generates a post-processed series
  • Brease technology developed specifically for breast scans
  • Produces four images in a single scan


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