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GE Voluson E10 BT16 OB GYN Ultrasound

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GE Voluson E10 BT16 OB GYN Ultrasound Specifications

  • GE Voluson E10 BT16 OB GYN Ultrasound Machine comes with three transducers: 2x C8-4v and 1x C6-3.
  • One of the C8-4v transducers exhibits some weak elements as pictured.- PERFECT WORKING CONDITION
  • Reliable and high performance for nearly a decade, the GE Voluson E10 BT16 OB GYN Ultrasound system
  • Diagnostic accuracy class – Expert
  • LCD / LCD
  • General calculations
  • Obstetric and gynecological calculations
  • Cardio logical calculations
  • Vascular calculations

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The GE Voluson E10 delivers fast volume rates, flexible imaging formats, and high resolution images for routine OB/GYN women’s health applications, including everything from general exams to fetal echocardiography.

Voluson E10 Features

Biplane imaging – Display high resolution and high frame rate images in two perpendicular planes for exceptional quality.
VCI-A (Volume Contrast Imaging) – Creates high contrast resolution with grayscale and color Doppler images
eSTIC (Spatio-temporal image correlation) – Produces up to a 75% reduction in acquisition time over traditional STIC for fetal cardiac exams
e4D SnapShot – Real-time 4D for higher resolution 3D volume or eSTIC data sets
Tricefy Inside capabilities


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