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Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound Machine


Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound Machine Features:

• B-Mode
• M-Mode
• Color M Mode Color Doppler Imaging
• Power Doppler Imaging and Directional PDI
• Pulsed Wave Doppler
• iBeamTM (Spatial Compound Imaging)
• iClearTM (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
• iTouchTM (Auto Image Optimization)
• Zoom/iZoom (Full Screen Zoom)
• FCI (Frequency Compound Imaging)
• B steer
• ExFOV (Extended Field of View)
• Raw data processing
• 4 active universal probe ports, 1 more for pencil probe only
• 1TB hard drive
• DVD R/W driver
• 7 USB ports
• iStorage, iMeasurement, iReport
• MedSight
• iScanHelper
• Smart Installment Reminder

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The Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound Machine is a value-range Color-Doppler Ultrasound System which specializes in shared-service applications, especially in Primary OBG Care. The Mindray DC-40 is also designed to cover a wide range of applications including abdominal, pediatric, small organs, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, trans-rectal, trans-vaginal, MSK (conventional, superficial), urology, adult cardiac, and peripheral vessel.

The Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound Machine integrates their latest 64-channel Imaging Engine, which provides support for high-performance hardware such as a 17″ LED monitor (Available up to 19″), an angle-adjustable 10.4″ LED touchscreen, 4 active probe ports, 1TB hard disk, a gel warmer, endocavity transducer holder, 5 cost-effective transducers (3C5A, 7L4A, L7-3, V11-3, P4-2), 1 high density and high frequency linear array transducer (L14-6NE), and 1 functional volume transducer. These transducers effectively cover a wide array of clinical requirements, thanks to their low-to-high bandwidth frequency coverage.


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