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Mindray DC-8 Exp Ultrasound Machine


Mindray DC-8 Exp Ultrasound Machine Specification
Model Name/Number DC-8 Exp
Brand Mindray
Transducer/Probe Convex
Doppler Mode Continuous Wave
Software Technologies 4D Imaging
LCD Monitor 19′ High Resolution
Touch Panel 10.4′ Anti-Glare
Arm Type Articulating
Hook Type Convinient Cable

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Mindray DC-8 Exp Ultrasound Machine New generation of ultrasound architecture Leveraging a new platform, the DC-8 Exp combines high speed hardware, advanced frontal transmission/reception, powerful parallel processing, and patented intelligent algorithms to elevate diagnostic capabilities to a new level. This winningMindray DC-8 Exp Ultrasound Machine combination of outstanding capabilities empowers features such as ART Flow™ for deep vascular visualization and Echo Boost™ technology for optimization of images across multiple applications. Superior imaging quality is further enhanced by single crystal and 3T technologies combining to provide improved penetration and higher resolution, resulting in optimum scanning for technically difficult patients.


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