Mindray DigiPrince Ultrasound System


Mindray DigiPrince Ultrasound System Features
  • Tissue Specific Imaging
  • 10-inch non interlaced monitor
  • Digital beam former
  • Two probe connectors
  • Multi-language function
  • Built in storage for 90 images
  • 256-frame CINE loop
  • Frequency up to 10MHZ
  • Hand-held Portability
  • Multi-frequency Transducers
  • Dual Transducer Ports
  • 10 MHz micro anatomy imaging
  • 16-frame image storage
  • USB 2.0 and DICOM 3.0

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Developed alongside ultrasound professionals, the Mindray DigiPrince Ultrasound System with X-Insight is designed to deliver precision imaging at speed, providing advanced technologies and workflow management tools which sets it apart from other systems in its class.

SmartFacetechnology provides clear and lifelike foetal visualization, automatically removing occlusions, such as cord, placenta and extremities, to generate an optimal view of the foetal face.

Mindray DigiPrince Ultrasound System provides a quick yet comprehensive foetal examination. At the click of a button, CNS planes (MSP, TCP, TTP and TVP) and a range of related anatomical measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, TCD, CM and LVW) are obtained with high accuracy.


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