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Manufacturer: Philips medical imaging
Model: Philips Brilliance
Condition: used
Subcategory: Ct scanners


Philips Brilliance Big Bore
Philips Brilliance CT Big Bore Oncology configuration builds on the unparalleled success of Philips? AcQsim single-slice CT scanner. The Big Bore Oncology configuration offers oncologists an 85cm bore that addresses patient positioning concerns and reaps the reward of high-speed, superior spatial resolution, all while providing 16 x 0.75 isotropic imaging!
Brilliance CT – Big Bore Oncology

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The refurbished Philips Brilliance Big Bore 16 is among our top-selling 16-slice CT scanners.

  • 85cm bore size to accommodate patients in immobilization devices or with bulky patient monitoring devices.
  • 60cm true Scan Field of View (SFOV) to include all patient skin surface; no compromise when using the scan for radiation dose calculations.
  • 16-slice per revolution with 2.4cm coverage allows you to cover larger areas in the fastest time.
  • Oncology specific tools to increase throughput i.e. full length cursor, oncology protocols.
  • CT L.O.C. (Localization On the Console) increases workflow.
  • Respiratory correlated gating with connectivity to third-party gating devices.
  • Patient couch assembly to meet accuracy demands of oncology departments.
  • 650 lb. (295 kg.) table capacity with full Z accuracy.
  • The Brilliance line features the DoseWise system. DoseWise is Philips system for optimizing the balance of the smallest dose possible while providing the highest quality image.
  • DoseRight ACS (Automatic Current Selection)
  • DoseRight DOM (Dynamic Dose Modulation)
  • DoseRight ECG-gated dose modulation
  • PrizMED Imaging Brilliance Big Bore 16 CT Scanner Review:
  • Brilliance CT Big Bore offers advanced tools to facilitate accurate efficient patient marking and simulation workflow. Featuring 60 cm true scan FOV for full anatomic visualization. It provides spatial positioning accuracy of less than 2mm between the imaging plane and the laser marking plane for confidence in patient marking. This meets the AAPM TG 66.


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