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Philips HD7 XE Ultrasound Machine


The Philips HD7 XE Ultrasound Machine is a step up from the Philips HD-7 as an entry-level ultrasound machine and offers all the functionality of thePhilips HD7 XE Ultrasound Machine while adding an articulating arm and a higher resolution LCD screen.
Applications:Cardiac,Vascular,OB/GYN,Abdominal,MSK,Urology,Small parts
Imaging modes: B-Mode,M-Mode,Color Doppler,Power Doppler,PW Doppler
CW Doppler,Freehand 3D,Duplex,Triplex,Dual screen,Tissue Doppler Imaging,Directional Power Doppler,ColorM-Mode,Anatomic M-mode
C9-5ec Curved Array,S8-3 Sector Array,C9-4 Curved Array,S7-3t Pediatric TEE,C8-5 Curved Array,S7-2t Omni TEE,C8-4v Curved Array,S4-2 Sector Array,C6-3 Curved Array,S3-1 Sector Array,C5-2 Curved Array,V8-4 Volume Curved Array,L15-7io Compact Linear Array,V6-2 Volume Curved Array,

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The Philips HD7 XE Ultrasound Machine is an economy shared service ultrasound machine that provided the best low-end cardiac imaging available. The Philips HD7 xe added an articulating monitor arm and Xres to the HD7.

Philips HD7 XE Ultrasound Machine Specification
Brand Philips
Model Name/Number HD7 Xe
Condition Refurbished
Colour White And Grey
Display Digital
Wheels 4


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