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The Diamond Select Achieva 3.0T TX with MultiTransmit parallel RF transmission technology reduces dielectric shading to provide superb image uniformity, consistency, and fast scanning. Opening the way to new 3T MRI breast & body studies.
Multi Transmit for contrast uniformity, speed, consistency

  • The unique Multi Transmit technology overcomes dielectric shading by using simultaneous (parallel) transmissions from multiple RF sources. It automatically optimizes the power, amplitude, phase, and waveform for optimal RF uniformity.

Gradient systems for all benefits of proven 3.0T technology

  • The system’s exclusive Quasar and Quasar Dual gradient systems offer gradient amplitudes up to 80 mT/m to provide superb performance with excellent linearity.

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A refurbished 2008 Philips Intera 3.0T is a cost-effective MRI machine that includes some of the high-end comfort and efficiency features found on more expensive MRI scanners.


– Field Strength: 3.0T

– Configuration: Short Bore Compact;

– Synchronization: Respiratory Gating, ECG/Peripheral Optional/Yes;

– Imaging modes: Multi-Stack 3D, Multi-Chung 3D, 3D, Multi-Slice 2D, Multi Single-Slice 2D, Single-Slice 2D;

– FOV: Max 53cm;

– Magnet type: Superconducting;

– Bore diameter: 60 x 60cm;

– Magnet weight: 5500 kg;

– Dimension: 240 x 188 x 157 cm;

– Power requirements: 380/400V;

– Cryogen Use: 0.07 L/hr liquid He;

– Strength: 30 (Master) mT/m;

– 5 Guass Fringe Field: 3.0m/5.2m


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