Compared with some of the competitive open MRI products from Hitachi and others, prices for Philips Panoramas in the pre-owned market are surprisingly attractive right now. While we all know that purchase price is certainly not the only driver in an MRI decision, the availability of Philips HFO units has costs at a level that just might move them up a notch or two on your short list.

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The refurbished Philips Panorama 1.0T  MRI machine is an open MR imaging system with a unique 360-degree panoramic viewing angle and 160 cm-wide patient aperture. The open design is for increased patient comfort, particularly for those with claustrophobic issues.

The used Panorama MRI uses Philips’ popular FreeWave data acquisition, SENSE parallel acquisition, and Exam Cards. All of these technologies were made popular by the Achieva series of MRI machines from Philips.


  • Bore: 45cm height, 160cm width
  • Solenoid Technology RF Coils (ST Neck, ST Multi-Purpose S, ST Multi-Purpose M, ST Multi-Purpose L, ST Flex, ST Extremity, ST Body/Spine M, ST Body/Spine XL, ST SENSE Wrist)
  • Free Wave digital data acquisition platform
  • FastTrak patient environment
  • Patient aperature: 160 cm wide and 45 cm high
  • Accomodates up to 250 kg (550 lbs)
  • High performance gradient system
  • 26 m T/m on axis (X,Y,Z) with a slew rate of 80 T/m/s on axis (x,y,z)
  • 45 cm FOV
  • Free Wave RF system
  • 8 channels
  • 10kW Solid state RF power amplifier
  • MR Workspace
  • Console with ExamCards and workstation


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