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The Siemens Magnetom C 0.35T is an MRI which enables high-field capabilities in a mid-field MRI. Hence, it features the largest anatomical coverage in mid-field MRI. You can be confident in your diagnosis due to supreme image quality at 0.35T. Moreover, it delivers outstanding patient comfort with its open, compact C-shaped magnet.

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The surprisingly powerful Siemens MAGNETOM C! 0.35T MRI machine features true multi channel-imaging with 4 element coils and 4 channels for faster head-to-toe scanning in a unique open design. The Siemens MAGNETOM C 0.35T MRI provides patient-friendly side-loading for optimum comfort, the latest application technology for seamless workflow and optimized component integration for high productivity.

Siemens MRI scanners are equipped with Tim® Technology, which has become an MRI standard. Siemens MRI systems provide a level of flexibility, accuracy and speed that meets both the demands of today’s clinics.


  • 270° accessibility and patient-friendly side-loading
  • Largest anatomical coverage in mid-field MRI
  • Parallel Imaging in all directions and head to toe
  • 3D exams with double oblique slice orientation
  • 32-channel 3T system for accelerations up to PAT 16
  • Whole body RF scanning
  • Full-body sized bore for whole body imaging in one scan
  • AudioComfort to reduce acoustic noise by up to 90%

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