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The Somatom Emotion 16 by Siemens is a CT scanner with a 16-slice configuration. When you buy the Somatom Emotion 16, you are going to take CT to a higher level. By using this scanner, you will obtain top quality images with minimal life-cycle cost. You will also have access to a wide range of clinical application that is tailored to the needs of your clinic. The Siemens Somatom Emotion 16 scanner has been designed with a 70 cm aperture and a 50 cm scan field. It has a patient table that can hold patients up to 440 pounds. The Somatom Emotion 16 offers reconstruction on the fly with up to 16 images per second. When you buy the Somatom Emotion 16, you are going to receive a scanner that is powerful and cost-effective. It will allow your clinic to perform routine exams as well as detailed and high-resolution exams as well.

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The Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 16 mobile CT scanner is an incredibly compact system, requiring only 18 square meters of floor space, and despite its size, the Emotion 16 packs some of the leading CT imaging technologies to provide clearer images, faster scan times, and increased patient comfort. With regards to its imaging capabilities, the Emotion 16 CT scanner offers exceptional routine spatial and contrast resolution.

While acquiring the images, this CT scanner uses the SureView dedicated spiral image reconstruction algorithm, which automatically selects the necessary pitch to achieve optimal coverage and scan times defined by the user. This technology also maintains selected slice thickness and image quality.

The SOMATOM Emotion 16 mobile CT also includes the acclaimed Fast Care technology with features such as Fast Planning and Fast Spine. Moreover, the WorkStream 4D feature virtually eliminates the need for manual reconstruction. In general, this CT scanner reconstructs images at 16 images per second. Other beneficial imaging features include its a 50cm scan field, a patient table that can hold patients up to 440 pounds, and a 70cm aperture.

Lastly, the SOMATOM Emotion 16 scanner optimizes patient safety with its DoseMAP dose management system, allowing for comprehensive dose reporting, protection, and management.

Product features:

Wide range of clinical applications
Fast and efficient with 0.6-second rotation time
Multislice UFC™ Detector
Small diagnostic detail for acquisition
Perform cardiac exams in <20 s with 0.75 mm slices 105 ms temporal resolution for clear depiction of blood vessels Scan any anatomy within one breathhold Pathology seen from any perspective Reduce patient dose by up to 30%


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