Manufacturer:Siemens medical imaging
Model:Siemens Somatom
Installation date:22.12.2011

Software licenses:
Alato 3DViewer, Alato Dental, Alato Flythrough, Alato Multiselect, Alato Standard, CardiaMPR, CA_Score, Colon_View, Commit_SCU, DCM_CDR, DE_MEAS_Tool, Doubleslice, D_PRT_BW, D_PRT_Color, EHCT_SCP, EHCT_SCU, MPR_Vessel, Multiview, Neuropack, Postscript, Print_SCU, QR_SCP, QR_SCU, Registtool, Scan320Row, STRG_SCP, STRG_SCU, TIFF, TSB_DVD, VOL_BodyPerf, WINPRT

Spotlight:Dura 422 from 2014
Software version:Somaris Syngo MR A35
Operation manual:German
Included software options:CORE Plus, Worklist, 3D MPR, 3D MIP, 3D SSD, Advanced Angio Package, Fly Through, Vessel View, 3D VRT, Advanced Neuro, Turbo Sequences, Echo Planar Imaging, 1D/2D PACE, iPAT, MPPS
Scan seconds:approx. 200.000 sec.
Coil set:Body Spine Array S, XL, XXL; Extremity L; Head Array; Multi Purpose 16, 21; Wrist
Category:Medical Imaging in Ukraine
Subcategory: Ct
Subcategory 2:Medical equipment
Listing ID:50705098

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The Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 6 CT machine is a whole body, multislice, spriral CT scanner designed for fast patient throughput.

Equipped with advanced clinical applications, a slim, wide-open, high speed patient gantry and high power reserves, a refurbished Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 6 CT scanner will allow your clinic to provide fast, high quality clinical care with low radiation doses. The Emotion 6 uses Siemens’ CARE Dose 4D system, which reduces the average dose around 68% less than the conventional scan.

Priz-Med Imaging SOMATOM Emotion 6 CT Scanner Review:

The SOMATOM Emotion 6 is among the more advanced low-slice-count CT scanners for image quality and speed. It can perform well in a high-volume facility. Additionally, the SOMATOM brand is known for its high-quality images, and we believe the Emotion 6 is one of the more elite units in the low-slice CT scanner market.


Syngo user interface enhances lung and cardiac care
Easy to use and operate
Ideal for image-guided interventions
Equipped with an air-cooled, high-speed patient gantry
Fast 3D-processing tools
Includes the SureView™ multislice image reconstruction system
Reduced patient radiation exposure


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