Manufacturer:Toshiba medical imaging
Model: Toshiba Aquilion
Tube age:Replaced new on 4-20-16
Tube slice count:Tube is new.
Gantry: Air Cooled
Average patients per day:20 or less
Generator power:72 kw
Helical scanning: YES
Full rotation:.5 Sec.
Dicom interface:YES
Computer type:Toshiba
Independent workstation:included
Toshiba 3d workstation: YES
Software options:3D, Angio, MPR
Cardiac option: NO
Stock number:CTSCAN74442-3493
Category:Medical Imaging in Ukraine
Subcategory 2:Ct scanner

Toshiba Aquilion 64
The Toshiba Aquilion 64 is an award-winning 64 slice CT scanner, delivering true isotropic imaging, 64 simultaneous 0.5mm slices per rotation, 0.35mm spatial resolution for small vessel and coronary artery detail, and exceptional low-contrast resolution. The Toshiba Aquilion 64 slice CT scanner features a 40% dose reduction compared to similar systems, a 180cm long by 47cm wide patient couch, the Advanced Sure Workflow with PhaseXact, and 13cm coverage in patient axis direction.
General description: Delivers true isotropic imaging, 64 simultaneous 0.5-mm slices per rotation, 0.35-mm spatial resolution for small vessel and coronary artery detail, and superior low-contrast resolution.
Special features: Aquilion 64 can be configured to include faster rotation speeds, larger generator, and advanced cardiac workflow software for imaging the heart.
2007 Toshiba Aquilion 64
Dual Console

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The Toshiba Aquilion 64 mobile CT is considered the only true volumetric 64-slice CT scanner with 64 detector channels, 3-D cone beam algorithms and volume reconstruction on the market. Created with proven performance and uncompromised speed, the Aquilion 64 CT is twice as fast as a 32 detector row CT system and comes with workflow-enhancing software that delivers unsurpassed image quality, improved dose management and superior patient care.

In just a single breath hold of 6 to 10 seconds, this mobile CT system can capture superior, precise images of the heart to help early detection of heart disease. Its SURECardio and SUREWorkflow packages also monitor the patient’s heart rate and automatically set the optimal scanning conditions, which improves efficiency and takes the guesswork out of the cardiac scan.

Additionally, with Booth 3D technology, the Aquilion 64 mobile CT scanner improves image quality by reducing both quantum noise and structured noise in the raw data domain.

Refurbished Aquilion 64-slice CT scanners are very popular with cardiac studies, as its software makes a fast and efficient workflow with minimal errors.
Product features:

SUREExposure Dose Modulation
0.5 mm x 64 detector row
Leading Low Contrast Resolution LCR
Quantum Denoising Software (QDS)
64-slice CT Scanner
Contrast detection at 12 Frames Per Second
Ergonomic design for patient comfort
Flexible choice of speed and accuracy
High Quality Image
Low contrast resolution


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