Vatech EZRay Air Plus Portable X-Ray Machine

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  • Vatech EZRay Air Plus portable x-ray Machine
  • World’s first dental application of Carbon Nano Technology makes
  • EzRay Air Plus the Lightest Weight 1.8kg Portable X-ray Unit for easy
  • handling & stable positioning for optimal image quality.
  • Low Cost per patient film
  • RVG Support – Yes compatible
  • 100000+ Exposure with no quality loss
  • Superb quality & Superior quality!
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

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Product Data

  • Power Supply – Battery operated
  • X-Ray tube
  • 70kV, 10mA
  • Focal spot
  • 0.8mm x 0.8mm
  • Focus on the skin distance 20 cm.


  • 1.5 –Al
  • Exposure times
  • 0.1s to 2.99 s
  • Anatomic programs (Optional)
  • 30 pre-set times with cordless remote
  • Microprocessor-based timer with cordless remote for time setting and exposure

Package Contents: 1 x Portable x-ray machine

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—> Premium Quality

X-rays are highly penetrating, ionizing radiation, therefore X-ray machines are used to take pictures of dense tissues such as bones and teeth.
This is because bones absorb the radiation more than the less dense soft tissue. X-rays from a source pass through the body and onto a photographic cassette.


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